A very simple manual on choosing the RAV Vast scale

Why is it actually so difficult to choose? The metal tongue drums and handpans are non-chromatic instruments and are pre-tuned with certain notes that you won’t be able to change. So you are choosing from scales of a very distant sound and mood. Choosing a scale is like choosing a partner for a serious relationship. You choose it accurately and hope that your love will last forever. So how to choose the RAV drum you need if you have no or little music background, and be sure you’ve found your true love? Here’s a simple manual that will help the problem to get off the chest, save your time, and relieve the agony of choosing.

 How to use this manual?

 We made the process easy as a pie. Unlike the detailed guides, you don’t need to read it all. Just scroll it down and find the group that you belong to (or feel the greatest connection with). We have provided recommendations for the most suitable scales for each case. So instead of reviewing all 18 scales, you’ll be able to minimize the list to 4-5. Drop down the scale names and go straight to the scale’s page to check them out in detail. You can also try the steel drum you liked by playing it with the RAV Vast Virtual Player.

 You see, the process is easier than 1-2-3.

 Quick pill for hobby seekers!

 Are you a total newbie who just wants to play the RAV Vast for fun and make it your new hobby? If you don’t want to delve too much into the manual, we have a very quick and easy solution for you! Take a look at the easy-to-deal scales with a pre-tuned extra-harmonious note layout. You can start playing those asap. Here are some: the D Major (joyful and happy), the B RUS (versatile and flexible in switching between different moods when you are playing), and the G Pygmy (deep and mystical and severe).

 If you still want to get deeper into the matter, get back to our manual.  

 Advanced enthusiast


 Seems, are quite serious about learning to play the tongue drum or the pan drum. Maybe you have been dreaming to become a musician when you were young, attended music lessons in earlier years, or just have a wish to acquire these magical instruments.  

 If you are keen on learning how to play the handpan or a tongue drum, the RAV Vast is a perfect tool. It’s easier to play than a handpan, yet both types of drums require the same techniques. Besides, there are the RAV Pans tuned in the same scale like the RAV Vasts, so if you once decide to learn to play the handpan, the transition will be as easy as falling off a log.

Best drums for you: from all the variety of the RAV drums available for sale, we recommend to pick up the D Major, the B Celtic Minor (these two scales have their equivalents in the RAV Pan lineup); the B Celtic Double Ding, the B Kurd, G Minor Pentatonic or the A Integral RAV Vasts.


Healthy lifestyle advocate




Are you a holistic enthusiast? You might be a yoga lover, veggie, toxin-free, and natural-remedies oriented. You’d likely use the RAV Vast for stress-relieve, mental balance, healthcare ritual, energy practices, working with chakras and spiritual sessions. We recommend opting for the drums with the most calming and ethereal sound.

 Best drums for you: the A Integral RAV Vast, E Low PygmyB Celtic Minor.

 Parents and children



The greatest thing is the RAV is absolutely accessible for kids. It’s durable and easy to play even for babies. You can also play the RAV Vast with your child – it’s a great idea to spend time together in a new, interesting way. Besides, playing the RAV Vast has many benefits for child development as it stimulates cognitive functions, math, literacy, and communicative skills. Opt for the easy-to-deal with scales with a joyful sound that a child will be happy to acquire and won’t get overwhelmed.

 Best drums for you: the D MajorB RUS, B Celtic Double Ding RAV Vasts.


White collars



Are you dreaming about good relaxation after a long day at work full of calls, meetups, and reports? You might be serious about your work and so you should about your leisure time.

 The RAV Vasts will not only help you to relax but will also boost your productivity and performance at work by switching your brain for a new creative task. We recommend taking a look at easy scales that have a soothing sound that will help you to unwind and provide a calming effect for your active brain.

 Best drums for you: B Celtic Double DingG PygmyB Celtic Minor.

 Yoga and meditation addicted/sound healers


 You can be a professional sound healer or yoga teacher and have your own studio (or just be a great enthusiast who is dreaming to become a professional one day). You can be serious about your personal spiritual development and practice meditation on a regular basis.

 The handpan or tongue drum music will be a perfect accompaniment for a yoga class, meditation, or sound bathing bringing people’s minds into a relaxed and meditative state with its healing vibrations. In this case, a question where to buy a handpan or a tongue drum can be a topical question for you.

 Take a look at the RAV drum scales (mostly minor-tuned) with a very soothing voice, strong vibrational power, and relaxation. All the RAV drums have a very soft voice but some particular scales will be especially good.

 Best drums for you: A IntegralD Celtic MinorE Low Pygmy.

 Do you still have questions or confusion? Or maybe you haven’t found your team? Text us at store.rumix@gmail.com.