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RUS in B RUS stands for RAV Universal Scale. The drum was called that because it can sound in both major and minor tonalities. For a musician it means a spectrum of possible melody developments. It has a peaceful and balanced sound, therefore, it will be suitable for yoga, meditation and other sound healing practices. Because any RAV tongue drum is tuned at the production stage, all notes harmonically match with each other, so even a beginner can manage playing it. If you want to create a duet with another RAV Vast musician the best instrument to join your B RUS will be B Celtic Double Ding, B Celtic Minor, B Kurd, D Major, F# In Sen and even RAV Pan E La Sirena. B RUS can be a nice addition to classic band instruments as well. 

Notes: B2 D3 F#3 A3 C#4 D4 E4 F#4 A4
Proficiency Level: Easy
Mood: Balanced
Culture: Western
Key: B
Weight: 11 lb (5.9 kg)
Size: 20'' (51 cm)
Height: 7'' (17 cm)
Coating: Painted
Colour: Blue-green
Rim: Brass (How to clean it