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RAV Vast C Blues

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Like an intricate riddle to be solved, mysterious and bewildering, C Blues overwhelms you with no wish to let go. Remember the Twin Peaks soundtrack by composer Angelo Badalamenti? That’s the mood that inspired us in creating this scale! This RAV creates an enigma in the air and makes your guts shiver with excitement and curiosity. The C Blues RAV Vast is a scale based on the traditional blues gamma, so it will appeal to musicians with a medium proficiency level and with a string instrument background. This scale will also be a good option for those who want to practice and master the skill of improvisation.

Notes: C3 D#3 F3 F#3 G3 A#3 C4 D#4 F4 F#4
Proficiency Level: Medium
Mood: Mysterious
Culture: Western
Key: C
Weight: 11 lb (5.9 kg)
Size: 20'' (51 cm)
Height: 7'' (17 cm)
Coating: Painted
Colour: Blue-green
Rim: Brass (How to clean it